January 11, 2015

Project Twenty-Five

The big 25. The point in your existence that they call the quarter-life. It's where you start to question your ideals and your beliefs. It's where you try to find the most reasonable excuses to justify your payslip. You are in a constant tug-of-war between being responsible and having the time of your life. At this age, you've probably earned the trust of most people. You can easily do anything but life was pretty much easier when your only problem was having to artfully fabricate excuses for a drink. The utmost freedom that you have is so grand that instead of pursuing your dreams, you can never stick to one thing. You spread yourself too thin. You feel invincible. 

Months before my 25th birthday celebration, being one of the unfortunates having the crisis of a lifetime, I decided to spend it differently: To finally pursue the ultimate beach lover (that would be me) paradise. The virginal nature of Palawan is a killer item on everyone's bucket list. Having been born on December, that would consequently make me a Sagittarius and if you know your Astrology, you'd know that we are natural travellers. We go where we please. And this time I made sure I was unstoppable. 

It's where I also realized how liberating and humbling traveling and doing something for the first time is. It was an experience of a lifetime, an eye opener, and a promising start towards my journey to a richer and worthwhile 2015. As a celebration of my 25th birth anniversary, I will devote a year to learning and experiencing at least 25 things and places that I haven't in the past.

The photo (above) showing the beautiful hills of Batanes currently tops my list and I'm really really praying that I would be able to pull it off. Although I haven't really finalized anything, know that whatever comes up shall be posted on my blog. Feel free to witness my journey.

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