June 21, 2015

The Wanderlust Gene

Wan·der·lust a strong desire to travel

What is it that makes you feel at home when you're near the ocean? What makes you want to be in the photos of travel magazines? What makes your hands itch to book flights at every seat sale? What makes you count the number of long weekends in the calendar?

Some people prefer to stay home on their couches. They thrive on a visual journey through photographs, Television, or the Internet. But, there are those who thirst for adventure and seek the unknown. They are the daredevils, the curious minds, the nomads, and those born with the passion to explore the world — the travelers. 

Are you one of them? Do you have the wanderlust gene? Cause I do! I definitely do.

Maybe this'll help you find out. 

you don't mind trying anything once
You're open-minded. You're a risk-taker and an adventure seeker. You thirst for knowledge and your inquisitive nature exceeds that of a naive child. You want to know what makes a clock tick and how the earth looks when you're thousands of meters above ground. You imagine you can fly and try getting high. You have a list of acceptable exotic food dishes. Your mantra: What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. #YOLO!

you're extroverted
You're a natural conversationalist. You can sit with a stranger and exchange life stories for hours. You can talk about anything 'cause you're fueled with years of experience and colorful memories. You were always the first to raise a hand when your teacher used to ask for volunteers. You can haggle the hell out of your cab fare and you've got a suki for everything. You know what you want and you're not afraid to speak your mind. You don't mind asking for directions. You love meeting new people and learning about new cultures and practices  Like, 'oh yeah it's okay to just to make out, like right here? Let's do it.'

you love the outdoors
You're not afraid of the sun and getting soaked in the rain. You can always choose to book 5-star accommodations but who spends trips in their hotels? You'll be out 80% of the time. You go to places for the natural attractions not the construction. Well okay, some countries do have amazing infrastructures but you get my point, right? You love nature and you appreciate the natural beauty of the environment.

you're a natural born navigator
The hashtag #Getlost doesn't literally mean getting lost and never getting found. To be an explorer, you've got to have map-reading skills and be slightly gifted with knowledge on spatial reasoning to find your way around foreign lands. Isn't that how trails are formed and secret spots are found?

you get a star for resourcefulness
Got a spontaneous trip and only got one pair of underwear? No problem. You can always use side-B. You have a trusty blanket that also doubles as a beach mat and a towel. You can sleep anywhere. Your bag doubles as a pillow and you have practically thought of more than one way to use what's in your bag. You practically live off your backpack. You believe that home isn't a place but state. You're innovative and highly adaptive.

you see beyond the scenery
There's a little tour guide inside of you. You understand that each place is unique and that they each have something different to bring to the table. People often ask you where to go next but because there are a million places to go and a million sights to see, you can never fully decide on just one thing. You have so many sub-categories. For example, when you're planning a beach trip, you ask if they want the beach bumming kind or the activity-type. White sand or gray sand? Family-friendly or drinking friendly? It's never-ending!

you love anything vintage
There's something about that old stereo that takes you back in time. Traveling to you doesn't just mean physically being in different places. You read books. You love imagining yourself in a different setting every now and then. You like travel but you just love the idea of time travel.

your star sign is Sagittarius
I am no Astrology expert but as a Sagittarian, I have read numerous accounts that all tell of our wandering nature. It's that we can never stay in one place. Whether it's traveling through endless thoughts or endless mountains, people born under this sign live for constant movement and change. 

you have the Wanderlust Gene
No kidding. Science says that least 20% of the population is born with it. It's called the DRD4-7R and it's actually responsible for the migratory behaviors of our ancestors. It initiates curiosity and restlessness. Science proves that people with the Wanderlust gene are generally more inclined to embrace change and movement. They're experimental. They're "more likely to take risks; explore new places, ideas, foods, relationships, drugs, or sexual opportunities." — and of course, have a history of traveling. 

Travelers are bold and brave. They're comfortable outdoors. They're the ones who played in their backyards and climbed trees as kids. They've got scars on their knees and elbows. They're fueled by curiosity and they live to understand the mechanics of the universe. 

I am a traveler. 

I often wish that there were more than 24 hours a day. It's the Internet's fault. Information is so accessible these days and every day I learn something and read about different places  old and new. Each day, I create different goals. But one thing I find constant is my dream of is seeing the world. Perhaps the list I created above was made to justify the pursuit of this passion of mine, but we can all believe what we want to believe, right? If it's a step closer to making my dream a reality then no time is wasted.