August 23, 2015

Chasin' Clouds in Mt. Balagbag

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It must've been the rough ride or the muddy trail. It must've been the hazy scene or the smell of wet soil. But there was something completely magical about my first off roading adventure. As the name suggests, the idea is to dwell into the path unknown, and what I did was exactly that. I had nothing to do one Sunday so I spontaneously asked a friend of mine to take me to wherever she was going. Anywhere at all. Without any presumptions and expectations, I was to told to bring only myself, some spunk, and a few hundreds for what was about to be a chilly blurry afternoon in the mountains. 

There, I met new faces, got my ass tickled with tall grasses. We grilled and toasted beer and celebrated the wonders of nature and talked about how privileged we were to experience it all. And how even more privileged we were to be the type people who'd chosen to spend our weekends this way. Not in the clubs, not at the malls buying things we don't need, and definitely not resting our asses in bed. I was fortunate to be with a group of people who'd breathe the same air for adventure as me. It was refreshing. 


Photos © Riel Manuel