September 12, 2015

Pinto Museum

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Museums and I aren't the best of friends. Not quite sure if it's because I haven't quite figured out my exact feelings towards art and what people consider as art. In my perspective, I feel that anything created without the influence of math and science is only as good as a person's appreciation for it. Similarly, my babbling here is only applicable to my values and beliefs. I'm even about to contradict my own statement by saying that we all need art to dehumanize ourselves once in a while with abstractions and uncertainty  Hence, Art. 

I consider myself to be a very visual person (meaning, I would love to see colors and shapes rather than numbers and letters) but I confine myself to seeing pieces for what they are more than the story they have to tell. For various reasons, I've considered art appreciation as a non-significant aspect in my self-growth.

But on the other hand, I find it necessary to immerse myself with the unfamiliar just to break routine and comfort (and because my childhood friend wanted to hang there one Saturday). Since I've skipped museums in list of go-tos in the past couple of years, especially one it this caliber, then I'd consider this as destination number 14.

the pilgrimage

It took several Viber chats and text exchanges before I finally decided to give up and join my friends in this activity. The distance of Pinto from the city will automatically discourage you and compel you to come up with alternative plans for the weekend. But, do you know that Antipolo is your quiet little piece of paradise near the city? Enjoy the journey and relish the moment of finding your way and getting lost with your friends. The road trip it part of the whole experience!

the panoramic view

Filipinos are suckers for sunsets and what better way to watch the sun go down than in an elevated area like Antipolo. Come to Pinto in the afternoon and treat yourself to a natural masterpiece of a multi-toned pink sky. 

the pieces

The contemporary art collection in the Pinto museum is perfect for our generation of self loathing, egotistical bitches. They're the perfect blend of weird and substance. They're non-traditional yet familiar. It's as if you walked into a room of disturbed young artists   it's poetic and timely.

the place

WTF. I feel like such a loser for not googling this place before I actually came over. I've seen photos of the Pinto collection all over social media but I had no idea the place was actually art in itself. I'm a sucker for clean classy architecture and that's two checks on my book. The way that it playfully blends with the natural topography of the place is just fantastic. It's impossible not to fall in love with it the moment you enter its doors.

the photogenic environment

And since I first learned of this place through Instagram, it's safe to say that it's the perfect location to shoot for an Instagram worthy feed. Encounter a different vibe at every turn with each corner sharing a story of its own. Don't forget to caption #Pinto.


Photos © Kai Ochosa