September 19, 2015

Rizal: The Perfect Destination for A Stellar IG Feed

 photo 12002503_1199569076726214_6369687089495170905_o_zps0pbsj62k.jpg

 photo 12045348_1202713179745137_8461396236756758658_o_zps9wzl8nqe.jpg
 photo 12006603_1199568583392930_3648045671395733978_o_zpswcj8rze2.jpg
 photo 11999647_1199570753392713_4839708531490464064_o_zpsr7aa0vkc.jpg
 photo 11246249_1199568243392964_3719822280632379101_o_zpsw80ltoha.jpg
 photo 12038653_1199570973392691_1349040398034636173_o_zpsuexomgg9.jpg
 photo 12027273_1202712569745198_3947541452423670031_o_zpsrk7ioo2y.jpg
 photo 11145143_1202712666411855_670168734422087509_o_zps9fhiipys.jpg
 photo 12034412_1199566826726439_517999681272063672_o_zps4yvnkyxr.jpg
 photo 12039147_1202712513078537_472912675206454591_o_zpshg8o4xtx.jpg

This is a collection of my favorite stills from a weekend spent in two of the most mystical destinations in Daraitan and Pililla. Rizal is a favorite among mountaineers and adventure seekers. The 2-hour drive away from Manila is home to many of nature's secrets, including the enchanting Tinipak River and the dreamy windmills of Pililla. I could talk about it all day but all the good things I have to say about this experience can be found on my recent article at Do click and continue to follow my adventures. Davao and Bacolod coming up!