November 14, 2015

Tangadan Falls: When the Waves Don't Come Out to Play

Photos © Erika Ochosa, Paolo Antonio, & Lean Belleza

Of all the many times that I had gone to La Union, and the infinite drives that passed it on the way to Ilocos, you may find it kinda weird that it was just my first time to go there last weekend.

I had plans of exploring it earlier this year -- a top contender on Project 25 but circumstances kept pushing it back. I never gave up. I'm glad that after many failed attempts and hungover mornings, I can confidently say that I have seen the beauty of Tangadan FallsOn Instagram posts, one would revel at its postcard appeal and seeing it did not disappoint. What I did not expect was the cliff diving site halfway through the journey.

Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel is accessible via Waze and google maps. Getting there would make you shell out 100 pesos each for the mandatory guide -- a fact I wish I knew before getting my group duped by my local contact. But that's okay. 

It's still pretty untouched and clean. It's as if the waters underlain with mythical creatures. The pool was hella cold and dark but seemed to be the perfect reward for the sunny trek towards it, which took my group more than 2 hours to complete  -- Thanks, Ronica! Haha. I'm not entirely sure what the average time is but from what I hear, there are a couple of easier options to get to it -- even one that takes you directly to the site via a motorcycle ride. Well, we ended up doing the most difficult approach but I don't regret it at all. I'm so happy I finally got to see it all in its powerful and virginal form. It's not one to miss.