April 9, 2016

Two by Twos on Four by Fours

Thanks to this gig, I’ve seen my face countless times on an FB ad. I’ve also received the most number of inquiries for an activity I wrote about on the www.wheinmanila.com site. But I can’t blame them. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna do such thing? Riding ATVs in the scenic Rizal, which has been a favourite in my Project 25, is sheer awesomeness... 

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’d know that I’ve gone here for a hike and for an off-roading adventure in the past year but I’d have to say that exploring it with an ATV was definitely the most thrilling. And here’s the part where I tell you why...

For the physically challenged
Hiking is not for everyone so this could be a great alternative to those who want to explore the mountains of Rizal minus the physical requirement. Don’t be selfish! 

The less challenging trail
When hiking, there would always be blah parts  also known as flat surfaces you can breeze through when you’re in an ATV. But when you’re in a truck, it be just like driving in the city. So I'd rather you do it with the ATV because it's also a different experience to go speeding on a flat surface. 

Full control 
Compared to a large vehicle where you can sometimes be a passenger, riding your own ATV can give you the pleasure of having full control of your ride. Go where you want to go and blame no one but yourself when you do something dumb. Hahaha!

Squeeze into tiny spaces
You’ll be able to explore areas that you can’t access with your truck. There was one part off the easy trail,  where we had to go through a rather steep descent — a skinny one too. And hella scary and crazy as well. You wouldn’t have that opportunity with a vehicle that won’t fit. 

The 360 degree view
Obviously, being in a vehicle, if for example you’re not riding in the cab, obstructs your view of the mountains and all of nature around you. But, when you’re cruising on an ATV, then you’d be cruising with a view. 

I could think of a whole lot of other reasons. All three are fun but in my opinion, this would be the most thrilling. So if you haven’t seen the infamous FB ad and want to know more about it, check out my write up here.

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