August 6, 2016

Ballet with the Phenomenal Miss Macuja

Yoga is the closest thing I can get to being a ballerina. 

OMG! OMG! OMG! I was about to burst into tears running late for my much awaited ballet class - a feature I was doing for and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of my childhood heroines in the flesh. 

I really thought I was going to miss it; Tardiness and dance classes don't really go together, do they? Well, it was one of the frequent moments that I cursed Manila traffic (Still wasn't used to it after just getting back from Boracay) but thanked the existence of Filipino time. 

Arriving at least 15 mins late, I floated on to the studio with my messy hair and  hot pink trainers.  I saw two things when I walked into the room: Classy women and Lululemons. Woah. I did not expect that. I recognized some of them but I was expecting unfamiliar faces rather than big social media personalities and very much photo-ready. 

That was the moment I thanked myself that I got to, at least, fix my brows. Everyone was in full-blown Colorete. Seems I didn't get the memo. I actually thought I was going to sweat like in the previous workout classes I attended in the past week, but I left the room dry -- like a wrung-out sponge. 

I was looking forward to only one thing: seeing Madam Lisa in all her grace and power and realizing my Ballerina dreams. FYI, I'm one who deeply regrets not going forward with my ballet lessons when I was a kid. I discovered sports soon enough and was surrounded by testosterone growing up and somehow, I lost interest. 

God, how I wish I pursued it, much like how I wish I pursued playing the piano instead of the guitar. Well, in all fairness, I do get to play an organ nowadays. Haha! Kidding aside, as an adult and non-ballerina, I've had this theory that Yoga is the closest I can get to being a ballerina, which is one of the reasons why I practice it. In the future, I hope to be involved in a photo shoot wearing tights and a tutu perhaps in poses other than down dog, and try to look legit. 

And yup, attending this event affirmed my belief as I noticed Her Grace compliment one of the attendees, who I know to be one religious Yogi, to be somewhat a natural. I was actually observing the others and like Ms. Compliment girl, I think my Yoga practice made the routines easy for me to pick up. I didn't find them difficult at all. See? Yoga might just be key to achieving my ballerina dreams. 

So lesson learned: I'll keep practicing harder. I'll keep practicing daily. So that perhaps one day, you might catch a glimpse of that photoshoot I'm blabbering about.

Oh yeah, I wrote a more formal piece on this event on, Check it out!