September 3, 2016

Don't waste your time Tubing in Real

My kuya surprised us this year! He was a bit heartbroken and I offered to take him to one of my cheap thrill spots -- You guessed it, Real!

So part of our quick weekend getaway was the tubing activity in Real, which was totally over promised and under delivered. They say it was because of the dry spell that came with our luck the time we visited, but I disagree.

It starts with a quick orientation -- one that completely lifts your hopes up and gets you amped and sort of thrilled to awaken the adventurous side of yourself. Similar to the history of river rafting elsewhere in the country, this attraction was a product of the cessation of illegal logging. Like curious children, those involved tried riding the makeshift rafts down the river and found a recreational purpose for it.

But the experience itself was horrible and dragging but at least, lesson learned, as always. But anyway,  I've made a list of my insights and it's up to you if you want to experience the disappointment for yourself He he he

Why I hate it

1. It was not extreme at all. It was a cruise -- a f*ckin 4-hour cruise under the scorching hot sun. 
2. What's up with the boatmen pushing and pulling us? Gave us a sense of discomfort because it looked like they were having a rather difficult time dragging us. Haha! FYI, the river wasn't just calm, it was shallow and only waist deep.
3. They should allow the people to do some paddling to make it more interactive
4. Again. Really dragging. Forrealz.
5. Steep charges. What's the 400 for, bro?
2. They should address the accessibility from the main road. The tourism office is quite far from the path that leads to the starting point. They should fix that 'cause it ain't really safe to go walking along the highway.
6. It was just really uneccessarily LONG.

Well, there were some good points

1. At least there was a proper tourism office. Like with all the registration and waivers and the like
2. Like I said, it was 4 hours long, so the short trek to the waterfall was a good cooling break.
3. There is also a cliff diving area, which is a bit scary. The foot of the cliff hat hits the surface is about a good 5 feet away from the jump off, which means you really can't fuck up or you'll hurt yourself.