September 1, 2016

A Sugar Rush with Whipped

So there's a new player in the world of hair removal that goes by the name Whipped and they got me as their brand ambassador and you have no idea how excited I am for that. Like, totally. 

As you know, my lifestyle demands me to be smooth and hair free. A ton of my expenses go to my monthly skin maintenance and I admit it is not CHEAP. But we gotta do what we gotta do and let's face it. Girls are vain. Especially someone who always wants to get away with wearing the least amount of clothing and is known for exposing whatever she can expose. 

So because of this habit, I've developed lovely relationships with my go-to salons and I've gotten used to the hot wax method, which is completely different from what Whipped practices. This is good as I have a good basis for comparison and it's always good to try new things because technology and innovation applies to anything -- even with hair removal.

So I can only hope for a good ending to this new relationship both as a brand ambassador and a regulat girl who fancies keeping her fur away.

I'll keep you posted! xx