November 29, 2016

I'm Whipped!

WHIPPED: a term used to define the kind of relationship between lovers when one has that completely head over heels-I would do anything-even quit playing dota for you- type of attraction.

It's being entirely absorbed and loyal to someone or whatever object and I could say that it's totally apt when defining my relationship with Whipped, my newest go-to hair-removal sanctuary.

Hair removal -- something that's been part of my life since puberty. And because I grew up comfortable in skimpy clothing and that bikinis basically occupy 1/3 of my wardrobe, you could say that keeping myself without fur has been a regular routine.

Prior to discovering my newest obsession, I've been accustomed to using hot wax and thought that it was the best method when it comes to dealing with this excess manifestation of testosterone in my body but discovering Whipped completely changed everything. 

Everybody knows waxing is a total pain in the ass - I mean, literally. But, people don't realize that the pain during the procedure is actually manageable depending on the kind of wax you use and the skill of your waxing technician. Now, in my previous go-to place, pain and skill were both above average, hair regrowth on the other hand was what brought down the satisfaction rating.  

And this is what I learned:

Hot wax tends to prematurely cut off hair up to the follicle, which often results to ingrown and believe me -- I was very prone to this in the past. Hair regrowth would often be thick, uneven, and painful. Whipped uses cold wax, which doesn't cause this and my skin has never felt better! This is why I'm addicted and have been loyal to them ever since! There's a huge possibility that my relationship with Whipped could be one of the longest I'll expect to have in a really long time (For those who know me... y'all know what I mean. Hahaha!)

Whipped Salon