April 14, 2017

El Bee in Elyu

It's pretty obvious I'm in San Juan, La Union a couple of times in a year. Besides chasing waves in the surfing capital of the North, I'm blessed to call it my hometown, which not a lot of people know (Fun fact: My grandpop actually has a bust hidden somewhere inside a small community just within the perimeter of surf town. 

Elyu, as most Hipster Millenials fondly call it has been my home break and happy place since I started surfing but only this summer did I get the chance to enjoy it with my LB loves (Our barkada name. Hence, El bee). Thinking about it, it probably is just the right time that I brought these city slicking Povedans to my home -- now that it's at the peak of its development. It's overwhelming how this sleepy town had quickly gone from a humble surf spot to a colorful Eco-conscious community. Surfing isn't the only thing you'd come here for. Perhaps I'll dedicate a different post for San Juan -- one that is a bit more worthy of a travel blog (complete with a budget and itinerary -- the works). But first allow me to indulge you in the wonderful beginning of my #Summer2017 and let our photos do the talking. 

As expected, the weekend went by quicker than ever and I went home with a smile plastered on my sunburt face, confident in my newly #whipped skin -- stoked and heart full. Nothing beats sharing a piece of yourself with the people who matter most.