photo © Andrei Mercader

Hi. I'll begin by introducing myself.

I'm a nocturnal caffein addict who's slightly impartial with stress. 

My sleeping habits are purely dependent on my level of exhaustion and inebriation

keeping me off the bed and in my thoughts on most nights. 

I design buildings for a living but I feel most alive when I've got an empty page

and a perfectly tipped black pen staring me in the face.

I can't stay put.

I've taken the liberty of diagnosing myself with borderline ADHD.
I move faster than the speed of light. As ladylike as I am, my rowdy hands hardly get polished. 
They never last beyond the first 15 minutes post-application.

This site was created to harness my overwhelming energy for me to sleep better at night.
In reference to the wild, I have a constant yearning to be carefree and slightly undomesticated. 
It also pertains to my natural desire for freedom and adventure, which applies to both physical movement 
and the way my thoughts endlessly drift from one thing to the next. 

As Urban Dictionary's devotees best define it: 

wild:'out of control; amazingly out of this world; an unrestrainable amount of coolness; bitch ass'

But assuming the letter 'e' in the end also associates it to the convicted homosexual writer
and subtly shows my inner desire of becoming one. 
A writer, I mean. Not homosexual. 

It will be vivid.
Read at your own risk.

P.S. I bake unworldly Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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